Machining rolls Predimsa

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Wire cold rolling rolls

We produce tungsten carbide rolls, made of certified high quality material, specially manufactured for drawing ribbed and smooth wires for companies manufacturing electro-welded wire mesh and smooth and ribbed wire. We also produce rolls for drawing pre-stressed wire for the construction industry.

With the aim of achieving maximum customer satisfaction, we have specialized in the rolls grinding service, we recover the profiles of the rollers that are in contact with the raw material, allowing them to extend their life and considerably reduce production costs to our customers.

With our rolls traceability registers and extensive quality control, we can assure you that the rolls perform at their best.  

We offer high precision machining with a final manual polishing process that is fully customizable to our customers’ specific requirements.



Hot rolling mill rolls

We offer the regrinding service of rolls used for hot applications, used in the manufacture of bars, wires and calibrated bars.  

Our advanced machinery allows us to machine steel, tungsten carbide, titanium carbide and FerroTIC rollers with the highest precision, giving them a new useful life. 

Our traceability and life prediction records in combination with our comprehensive quality control procedures ensure maximum utilization of the rollers allowing, as well, a significant reduction of production costs for our customers.

Tube forming rolls

Specialists in the machining of rolls, we offer the re-machining service for the complete families of steel and hard metal rolls used in the manufacture of welded tubes.

Our in-depth knowledge of tube production and rolling mills, allows us to offer specialized advice and help to solve problems related to alignment, the correct size of rolls and their correct geometry to eliminate deformations and marks depending on the tube you wish to produce: structural and conduction tubes, precision tubes, tubes for automobiles, special profiles, etc…

 We fully adapt to the requirements and needs of our customers, to achieve the best results.


    • Forming rolls
    • Finn-pass rolls
    • Welding rolls 
    • Guide rolls 
    • Straightening rolls
    • Calibrating rolls
    • Reduction rolls